Thursday , April 2 2020
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Rava Idlis hardly need any preparation and can be made at the spur of the moment. RAVAAll you need to do is mix MTR Idli mix with curd and vegetable like carrot and some cashews and in 30 mins yummy Idlis are ready .


MTR Rava Idli packet
2 carrots, grated
salt to taste
1/2 litre well beaten thick curd
2 tbsps roasted cashewnuts
2 tbsps fresh coriander leaves


1> Add half litre curd to the MTR Rava Idli mixture with salt to taste. Do not add water and let this sit for atleast half an hour. The batter should be semi solid(neither too thick nor watery)
2> Grease Idli plates with oil
3> pour the rava batter into the Idli placeholder. Don’t let the batter fill till the brim. Sprinkle grated carrot, coriander leaves and place a roasted cashewnut on the top
4> Steam the Rava Idlis on medium flame for around 10 mts.
5> Turn off heat and let it sit for 5 mts. Remove the rava idlis and serve hot with coconut chutney

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