Monday , February 17 2020
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Appam is a Kerela dish made with fermented rice batter and served along with APPAMsweetened coconut milk or stew. It is appam is prepared in an appa kal (mould that is a bowl shape).It is delicately flavoured with coconut and in the shape of a bowl with a thick centre and hole frilled edges

Here is a simple recipe:
1.White rice/Pachari (raw rice)      1 glass(wash and soak the rice for 2-3 hrs)
(can use Basmati also)
2.Cooked (par boiled) rice         3/4 glass
3.Grated coconut                     3/4 glass
4.Yeast                                  3/4 tsp
5.Salt                                    to taste
6.Water                                 as needed

-Drain water from the soaked rice.
-Now in a bowl add this rice,cooked rice and coconut.Mix well.
-Grind this adding yeast and enough water into a smooth batter.
-Pour this into a deep bottom vessel,cover and keep for fermentation.
Once ready,heat the non-stick pan(wok model called appachatti)
-Add salt in the batter and mix well.
-Pour a ladle full batter in the center of the pan then swirl the pan,so that the batter is spread on the sides of the pan (rest will come back to the center) and keep the pan covered.
-Keep on medium flame till the center part is cooked(2-3 minutes)
-Soft Appams are ready… take it out and serve


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