Thursday , October 17 2019
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Dosa is very popular in South Indian breakfast.It is made from a fermentation process of rice and lentils batter.There are different varieties of Dosa.Here is a recipe forPlain(sada) DosaDOSA

1.Long grain White rice/
Pachari/raw rice             2 cups
2.Split black gram/
Urad dal                       1 cup
3.Fenugreek seeds              1 tbsp
4.Cooked(parboiled)rice      1tbsp
5.Salt                               to taste

-Wash and soak the rice, split black gram and the fenugreek seeds in water for 4 to 5 hrs(soak black gram separately)
-Grind the soaked dal first with little water into a smooth paste and pour it into a large bowl.
-Mix the raw rice,fenugreek seeds and cooked rice and then again grind this into a smooth paste.
-Combine this batter to the dal batter.
-Now mix this very well(the consistency of the batter should neither be too thick nor toothin).Cover and  Keep aside(in a warm place) to ferment overnight
-Next day,heat a nonstick or iron griddle to medium- low heat.
-Add salt to the batter and again stir well.
-Grease the pan with little oil and pour a ladle of batter in the center,quickly using back of the ladle spread it into a round shape.
-After 2-3 minutes flip it once,take it out and serve hot with Sambhar or chutney.

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